Week 2

We explore the definitions and history of propaganda.

Watch the recorded class here:


  1. Review and discuss the film, “Look Who’s Back”
  2. Review Week 1 class participation: MUUT discussion, Video Annotation, and Flipgrid
  3. Defining propaganda: PPT slides – Week 2
  4. Response to readings. How many can you answer?
    1. What is the difference between agitative vs integrative propaganda?
    2. What is white, gray and black propaganda? What is the “big lie”?
    3. What is a video news release?
    4. What is disinformation? What is facilitative communication?
    5. What is the relationship between education and propaganda?
    6. What are some of the seven propaganda devices developed by the IPA?
    7. What are the ABC’s of propaganda analysis?
    8. In what context did the word “propaganda” originate?
    9. Why was radio so effective as a form of propaganda in the 1930s?
    10. What is the relationship between censorship and propaganda?
  5. Review expectations for LEAP 1 due February 9
  6. Preview homework and class participation activities for next week


  1. Read and Tweet. As you read the assigned readings for Week  3 (links are available below), compose a minimum of 3 tweets to summarize a key idea in a concise way, using the hashtag #COM416. Review the tweets of other students and “like” at least one.
  2. VIEW and ANNOTATE: Kony 2012. Apply your growing knowledge of propaganda to analyze the film, Kony 2012, directed by Jason Russell. Each team member contributes a minimum of 3 annotations while viewing. This should enable you to make a connection between the film and some of the ideas that you are learning from the readings.  Click here to find out which team you belong to.
    1. TEAM 1 KONY 2012.
    2. TEAM 2 KONY 2012.
    3. TEAM 3 KONY 2012.

READINGS to complete for WEEK 3: Understanding Virality

READ: Hobbs, R. (2016). Powerful Propaganda: KONY 2012. Mind Over Media: Analyzing Contemporary Propaganda.

READ: Hobbs, R. (2013). The blurring of art, journalism and advocacy: Confronting 21st century propaganda in a world of online journalism. I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society 8(3), 625 – 638.

READ: Brooking, Emerson & Singer, P.W. (2016, November). War Goes Viral: How Social Media is Being Weaponized. The Atlantic.


Next class: Thursday, February 9 7 p.m. 

DUE: LEAP 1, February 9

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