Week 3

Our theme this week is “Understanding Virality.” If you did not participate in the live chat, you must watch the video and make a (text or video) comment responding to the questions discussed in class on the YouTube page.


  1. Reflections on LEAP 1
  2. Review Tweets on the readings: What themes are evident?
  3. Response to readings. How many can you answer?
    1. What is virality? What factors contribute to the viral spread of content?
    2. What techniques were used in KONY 2012 to activate emotions? To respond to audience needs? To simplify information? To attack opponents?
    3. Why did people share the KONY 2012 video with the people in their social networks?
    4. What specific techniques are terrorists using to advance their goals using social media?
    5. What are some similarities between the telegraph and social media in the context of global communication?
    6. What is homophily and how does it support the spread of propaganda?
    7. What are some examples of how ISIS propagandists mimic Hollywood and videogames?
    8. What is RT and what are “troll factories”?
    9. How does Facebook affect national and international public policy debates?
    10. Can social media networks be policed to regulate violent extremism? Why or why not?
  4. Renee’s comments on video annotation of Kony 2012.
    1. TEAM 1 KONY 2012.
    2. TEAM 2 KONY 2012.
    3. TEAM 3 KONY 2012.
  5. Preview required activities for next week


  1. QUIZ ON WEEK 3 READINGS. This open-book quiz tests your comprehension of the readings. The quiz will open on Friday at 9 am and remain open until Sunday at 9 p.m. The Quiz is Now Closed.
  2. READ and COMMENT ON LEAP 1. Read the work of one student in this class (see the Class Roster) and offer some warm feedback using Twitter.
    1. Comment and Connect on Flipgrd. As a class, we’ll all read the opening and closing chapters of Ryan Holiday’s book as a class (see the chapters shown below). After reading, compose a Flipgrid comment where you (a) summarize a couple of key ideas that you learned and (b) make a connection to your life and/or current or recent past events. Finally, (c) view at least one comment from a peer and respond to his or her ideas.
    2. Summarize Two Chapters. As individuals, we will read some assigned chapters of Ryan Holiday’s book (click here to see the chapter you have been assigned). After reading your 2 assigned chapters, compose a detailed summary of the main ideas and post it to your blog.
    3. Synthesize and Share an Opinion. After reading Ryan Holiday, compose two Tweets. In one, you offer a synthesis of the big ideas you learned from Ryan Holiday an in another Tweet you share an opinion about what you have read. Be sure to use the hashtag #COM416 and “like” at least one Tweet contributed by a peer.

READINGS to complete for WEEK 4: Promotion and Marketing as Propaganda

READ: Ryan (2012). Trust Me, I’m Lying. New York: Pearson. See the specific chapters you are assigned to read here. 


Next class: Thursday, February 16 7 p.m. 

DUE: LEAP 2 March 2

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