Week 6

We explore the relationship between patriotism and propaganda

If you didn’t participate in the live class, please watch the class video below and then make a text or video comment after you analyze one of the sports propaganda videos (Group 1 or 2).


  1. Student-produced LEAP 2 Videos
  2. VIEW: View All that We Share, which was broadcast on Danish TV in 2016. How might knowledge of the political context of Denmark (and Europe more generally) shape interpretation and critical analysis of this message?
  3. Review your tweets on propaganda and patriotism & your video annotation
  4. Crowdsourcing Bernays Propaganda: Key Ideas
  5. Critically analyze 2 media messages with the Media Literacy Remote Control/Smartphone
    1. GROUP 1 Paid Patriotic Propaganda 
    2. GROUP 2: Patriotism and Propaganda
  6. Preview required activities for next week


  1. VIEW AND COMMENT. View at least one of the LEAP 2 videos created by your peers and tweet a comment/reaction. Be sure to use the #COM416 hashtag and the @username of the person whose work you viewed.
  2. READ AND ANNOTATE. Read the short article at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website on Nazi Propaganda. Use DocentEDU digital annotation to summarize and comment on what you learn. Be sure to make at least 2 comments. Then choose an additional article from the list at the bottom of the page to read.
  3. EXPLORE and TWEET. Spend 45-60 minutes exploring Writing the News and Defining the Enemy, part of an interactive media exhibit from The State of Deception. Be sure to click the “Explore in Depth” sections (located in the red boxes). After you have explored the website, compose 2 tweets to capture the most interesting ideas you learned. Be sure to use the #COM416 hashtag so we can see them.
  4. READ: Welch, David (2013). Chapter 3 & 5 Your Country Needs You (pp. 79 – 112). and Chapter 5. Know Your Enemy (pp. 151 – 188). Propaganda: Power and Persuasion. London: The British Library.
  5. VIEW: Watch Forbidden Films (2015), directed by Felix Moeller (It’s available in SD for $3.99 from iTunes.) This film takes a close look at Nazi entertainment films, 40 of which are still banned in Germany. As you view, take at least one screenshot of an image from the film.
  6. WRITE: Compose a blog post of under 250 words that answers the question: In the 21st century, should Nazi propaganda films still be banned? Why or why not?  Be sure to use information you learned from this week’s readings and viewing and embed at least one image in your blog post.


Next class: Thursday, March 9

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