LEAP 3 Collaborate: Compare and Contrast

Some examples:

Nikita Duke and Dina Saleh examine representations of beauty advertising past and present.

Tori Vecchio and Amanda Schofield compared two different public service campaigns by the National Football League, looking at “Pink October” and the NFL’s “A Crucial Catch”

Matt Berard & Meara Melidossian compared and contrasted messages from Dwight Eisenhower’s 1952 political campaign to Bernie Sanders’ 2016 political campaign.

Taylor Giaccone and Kaylen Haver compared and contrasted representations of female labor through the Rosie the Riveter campaign of the 1940s and the Secret Deodorant campaign of the 21st century.

Erin Regan, Tina Shanahan, Andre Berry explore cigarette propaganda across the generations.

Alyssa Cuozzo and Stephanie Cuozzo compared and contrasted positive and negative representations of women in propaganda from the past and present.

Nicole Delaney and Francesca Vallaro examined the depiction of women’s social roles in propaganda over time.

Jerrell Coleman and Stan Ross Robinson analyzed smoking propaganda

Shannen Duffy and Hassan Martin explore “Formation” and “Fight The Power” as they consider protest music as propaganda.

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