Fake News, Demagoguery & the Alt Right

If you did not participate in the live synchronous class, please watch the video and answer the questions by posting to the YouTube page.


  1. Reflections on LEAP 3 Collaborate and Connect
  2. Our Padlet Wall of Propaganda
  3. Life skills we’re developing: active reading (Kami) and concision (Twitter)
  4. VIEW & DISCUSS: CNN 2010 Acorn Scandal and Shirley Sherrod 
  5. Questions on the readings:
    1. Define these terms: disinformation, partisanship, political polarization, demagogue, fake news, hoax, enclave effect, alt-right, echo chamber, conspiracy theorist
    2. How does partisan bias fuel fake news?
    3. How can demagogues support democracy? How can they weaken it?
    4. Should Facebook filter fake news to suppress its visibility? Why or why not?
    5. When people say the alt-right is a collective experiment, what do they mean?
    6. Why do people say, “All publicity is good publicity?” What are the potential short-term and long-term impacts of this claim?

PLEASE COMPLETE THESE ACTIVITIES before Thursday, April 6 at 7 p.m.

  1. READ AND TWEET. Read one of the completed LEAP 3 projects of your peers and tweet some warm and cool feedback about their paper and infographic, communicating publicly and directly to them via Twitter and using the #COM416 hashtag.
  2. VIEW AND DISCUSS. View “How a British PR Firm Helped Shape the War on Terror” and use the Video ANT to comment on what you learn. Generate 2 questions that emerge as you view.
  3. READ AND DISCUSS: Read ALL of the following articles. Compose three comments using Kami to summarize, analyze and comment. Then respond to the margin comments of a peer using the reply function.
    1. Winter, Charlie and Bach-Lombard Jordan (2016, February 13). Why ISIS Propaganda Works. The Atlantic.
    2. Winter, Charlie (2016, March 23). ISIS is Using the Media Against Itself. The Atlantic.
    3. Cottee, Simon (2015, December 24). The Challenge of Jihadi Cool.The Atlantic.
    4. Waddell, Kaveh (2016, June 22) A Tool to Delete Beheading Videos Before They Even Appear Online . The Atlantic.
  4. PLAY & LEARN. Play at least 3 units of “Don’t Be a Puppet,” an interactive created by the FBI. As you work, take a screenshot and offer a comment about the interactive on the Padlet Wall.  


…Two more quizzes…

DUE: LEAP 4 May 4

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