Chinese Propaganda

If you did not participate in the live class, watch the YouTube video and answer the questions asked in class in the YouTube comment thread.


Guest Instructor: Zoey Wang

Historical Context. Overview of the roots of Chinese Propaganda

Review and discuss: Who controls China’s Propaganda vs. My life, My China.

Chinese New Year: Time for a Reunion

Questions on the Readings

  • How does China’s interpretation of Soft Power different from Western approaches to power & political communication?
  • What have you learned about Chinese censorship that is different from what you’ve known before?
    How did the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) incorporate Soft Power as nation building through propaganda?
  • What have you learned about the Chinese national broadcaster CCTV and the Spring Festival Galas?
  • How does the Spring Festival Galas embed propaganda into entertainment? How is it similar to and different from how American television shows and movies do it?
  • What role does China’s social media play in terms of surveillance, control, and propaganda?

View and discuss: How China Is Changing Your Internet
Create and play: A Simulation Game. InCampaigning for CCTV,” in this session we will break into groups to brainstorm a media production plan that uses young American students who are positive about Chinese values and Chinese culture. The target audience is young adults in China (especially among those who are ‘pro’ American culture) who might think China is not as “cool” as the best Western nations.  Zoey Wang role-plays the Executive Director of CCTV. Her charge to you:

Brainstorm and plan a meme campaign. What pro-China messages will attract and hold attention? In your 10-minute planning session, discuss key ideas and use a meme generator like IMGLFIP.  Each group will have 1 minute to pitch/present their plans and comment on each other’s plan see which one will win the campaign budget for this project.


Screenshot 2017-04-12 20.56.19.png1. Prepare for an Interview.  Prepare to ask good questions of our guest speaker from Russia, Dr. Lisa Friesem, PhD scholar and expert in media and communication from Temple University.
2. View and Discuss. Make sure you understand the similarities and differences between capitalism and socialism by watching John Green’s crash course on the topic. As you watch document one “aha” that occurs to you as you watch and learn using the ANT video annotation tool.
3. Identify Stereotypes. What stereotypes do Russians have of Americans? Review this animation and see if you can spot some of the many stereotypes presented. 
3. Read for Understanding.  To prepare to interview Dr. Lisa Friesem, read these three short articles then use the Google Doc to summarize and comment on one key idea from each piece. Use the Google Doc to plan some good questions to ask Lisa.


Re-Take Quiz 3: Open April 16 – 18

Quiz 4: Opens April 20  and closes April 24 (link TBA)

DUE: LEAP 4 May 4

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