Russian Propaganda

If you missed the live chat, please watch the video below.

Welcome to guest speaker, Dr. Lisa Friesem, PhD scholar and expert in media and communication from Temple University

  1. Comments on LEAP 3 from Renee
  2. What is capitalism? What is communism? ANT annotation
  3. Stereotypes that Russians have of Americans ANT annotation
  4. Questions for Elizaveta Friesem from our encounter with the readings: 
    Chen, Adrian (2016, December 1). The Propaganda about Russian Propaganda.The New Yorker.
    Delman, Edward (2015, April 22). When is a TV Channel a Foreign Agent? The Atlantic.
    Pomerantsev, Peter (2014, September 9). Russia and the Menace of Unreality. The Atlantic.
  5. View and Discuss. Samantha Bee on Russian Thinkfluencers. 


Quiz 4: Opens April 20 and closes April 24 (click here for link)

LAST CLASS: April 27, 2017

DUE: LEAP 4 May 4

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