Parting Words

If you did not participate in the live synchronous class, you will appreciate this final class, which offers a synthesis of all that we have learned this semester:


  1. Highlights and lowlights
    1. learning about propaganda
    2. online learning
  2. Renee’s visual synthesis
  3. So now what? For discussion:
    1. How has your use of media and technology changed since taking this course?
    2. Can people really resist the lure of powerful propaganda? Why or why not?
    3. How can you use what you learned in this class to be a better communicator?
    4. What questions do you wonder about as we conclude the class?
  4. Review criteria for evaluation for LEAP 4
  5. Don’t forget: Course IDEA evaluations in your email box
  6. Thank yous and goodbyes


LEAP 4 Due May 4

COM 416 Visual Synthesis Spring 2017

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