Welcome to #COM416

Dear Students:

Welcome to #COM416 Propaganda. This course examines the history, theory and practice of propaganda.


Our first synchronous meeting will be held on the Zoom platform on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 4 pm EST. To join the meeting, click here and follow the instructions. You will also receive an email with how to join Zoom from your laptop, smartphone or other digital device. For future video chat classes, we’ll try to schedule our Zoom video chat meeting at a time when most people can participate. If you are unable to participate in the synchronous meeting, you will be able to watch the video and then comment, ask and answer questions. Here’s how to get ready for the first class:


Our Path to Learning. In this class, we do not use Sakai. We use two primary digital platforms for learning: this website is our home base. Each Monday, a new post will appear here with details of your weekly assignments. From here, you can access course assignments, view videos of our synchronous classes, and access student blogs. We use Pathwright to manage all class participation learning activities. Click here to join the Pathwright community and access the course materials. 

I will look forward to meeting you next week!

Renee Hobbs



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