5. Understanding Virality

We’ll consider the the case of KONY 2012 to understand the key features that lead to the viral spread of propaganda. 

AGENDA, October 3, 2017 – 4 p.m. EST

  1. Feedback on Quiz #1 and LEAP 1
    1. Grade Distribution: (4) A / (1) A- / (6) B+ / (3) B / (6) B- / (1) C / (4) F
  2. Using the power of concision in Twitter to share ideas in #COM416
  3. Key Ideas from the Readings
    1. Chomsky’s ‘Five filters’ offers a cynical view of media manipulation: is this a realistic or unrealistic claim about media power?
    2. Why is propaganda displacing journalism?
    3. What is genre blurriness and how does it affect people’s interpretation of propaganda?
    4. Why do people share propaganda with members of their social network?
    5. Weaponizing social media: what does this mean? How did ISIS build their movement?
    6. Slactivism: how do we define it? What are the positive & negative consequences of it?
    7. What factors helped KONY 2012 go viral? What does “going viral” really mean?
  4. Pathwright Review of Week 5 Completed Work & student summaries of this week’s reading
  5. Read the Syllabus: Week 6 Topic: Public Interest Propaganda
  6. Preview Participation Activities on Pathwright for Week 6. Please complete Week 6 activities by Tuesday, October 10.


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