6. Public Interest Propaganda

AGENDA, October 10, 2017

There is no “live” synchronous class today. Instead, watch Renee’s video lecture, aligned with the agenda below, and answer the 2 questions she asks in you YouTube comment thread for this video.


  1. Public Interest Propaganda: All that We Share
  2. Emotions and Propaganda: Joffe
  3. Reflections on your choices as you found a book in the URI Library: The power of independent research builds your unique expertise
  4. Comments on Flipgrid responses & reflections on your responses to readings
  5. Twittersharing ideas in #COM416
  6. Strategic Advice from Renee on LEAP #2 Critically Analyzing Propaganda, DUE: October 17
  7. Syllabus: Week 7 Topic: Origins of Propaganda
  8. Preview Participation Activities on Pathwright for Week 7. Please complete Week 7 activities by Tuesday, October 17.

1 Comment

  1. 1. People may think this video is harmful because it starts with stereotyping and grouping everyone. Though it shows in the end that we all are similar or have things in common, it first brings up our seperators of age, sex, religion, work, etc.
    2. I think that my behavior for texting and driving has changed since watching that video. I have found that I have been more concious of not using my phone and of people using their phones while I’m in the car. If someone is driving and texting then I say that I can text for them so they aren’t distracted driving.


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