Week 7. Blurring of Art, Journalism & Activism

Week 7 Theme: Blurring of Art, Journalism and Activism

How does propaganda exploit the need for stories that matter?

NOTE: There will be no synchronous “live” class this week. Watch the video announcement from Renee below. She reviews your work so far and previews the upcoming activities for our post-spring-break learning.

  • LEAP 2– due tonight by midnight. Remember to post your work to your blog and tweet a link using the hashtag #EDC534.
  • Reflections on LEAP 2: What did you learn?
  • KONY 2012. Review key ideas from your discussion
  • Your Twitter identity in #COM416 .  Best Tweets curated to create a Moment.
  • Preview work for March 21 – we’re reading The State of Deception!

PLEASE COMPLETE activities listed for Week 8 (Propaganda for Votes and Power) class assignments listed on the Pathwright website before Wednesday March 21 at 4 p.m.



  1. For spring break, I took my week paid vacation from work but I don’t have any big plans! I am excited to get paid to relax at home for a few days and maybe do some shopping! On Saturday I’m going to Boston for St. Patricks day with some friends!

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  2. Spring break is always a time to forget about everything and relax for me. I don’t have any official plans besides work but I might take a spontaneous trip to New York for a couple days.

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  3. I’m here in Sao Paolo, Brazil meeting with media literacy educators who are working in the public and private schools to build the critical thinking and creative skills of children and teens. Also meeting with broadcasters, journalists and media professionals who help advance the visibility of this work. I’m inspired by them!

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  4. Hi everyone! Over spring break I will be working full-time at my job and just spending time relaxing and spending time with friends. Then, I’ll be in Newport for the St. Patty’s Day Parade! Hope everyone enjoys their week.


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