Power and Persuasion in the Racial State

MARCH 28, 2018

Week 9 Theme: Power and Persuasion in the Racial State
How is propaganda used to cultivate a sense of “us” versus “them”?
If you were unable to attend the “live” synchronous class, you must watch the video of the recorded class. Watch a random 10-minute segment of “We We Fight: Divide and Conquer” U.S. Propaganda film and describe  2 examples of propaganda techniques used. Read the responses of other students before composing your response to avoid duplication of information. Place your answer in the space below.
  • Forgotten Films: Should these old Nazi propaganda films be released to the public? Why or why not?
  • Review Flipgrid comments
  • Review and discuss part of the film, Forbidden Films. How did the Third Reich ministry of propaganda promote racial hatred? What was the role of propaganda in creating us-versus-them attitudes?
  • Review your reflections on the readings
  • View and discuss: Why We Fight: Divide and Conquer by Frank Capra, 1940
  • Review your progress on LEAP 3 and preview assignments due April 4 
PLEASE COMPLETE Week 10 (Propaganda for War and Murder) class assignments listed on the Pathwright website before Wednesday April 4 at 4 p.m.



  1. Twenty minutes into the video, a couple of propaganda techniques used that I notices was testimonial and appealing to emotions. In this segment, it discussed how France is an imposing castle however, Hitler political termites meaning the Nazis had broke down that castle’s national unity and it soon crumbled down. After, we are struck with words implanted in the screen such as sabotage, fifth column, strikes, and riots all referring to the poni war which is military and activity. And even a huge banner was displayed stating “Why do you fight” insisting that the enemy will not win the war. It activate personal emotions for the soldiers as well while they talked about how “what is happening the your wives back home soldiers, the British are stationed in your villages” which takes an attack on the family and somewhat threatening them as well with the use of propaganda in manipulation.

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  2. There were many different propaganda techniques used within this video. One of the powerful techniques that I found was used more than once was the use of children. The video talks about how twenty years before the invasion of Norway, Norwegians cared for and raised refugee German children. The video said that these same soldiers were back to, “Repay that kindness with terror and destruction.” The video also showed children running from destruction that took place during the terrible invasion. These images of innocent children would definitely touch anyone who saw the video on an emotional level and really emphasized just how bad the German soldiers really were. Another propaganda technique that I noticed were the footage of explosions and people running away from them. This was a way to spread fear of these attacks which would ultimately turn people against the German soldiers.

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  3. A couple big ways propaganda was used that I saw was the use of youth military groups created by Hitler. These groups were mandatory for children and it taught them at very young age about Nazi propaganda and basically raised these children to be Nazi advocates for the party themselves. Another example is the use of targeting these children because they had no chance to save themselves. If their parents tried to stop them from learning Nazi techniques, they would be killed, so they really had no chance but to sit back and watch their children get taught these awful messages through games and videos shown to them. If people saw what was going on to these children, it would be heartbreaking but if the parents didn’t want to lose their own lives or the lives of their children, the German soldiers unleashed the Nazi party on them to force hatred upon everyone else but the Nazi party.

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