Week 11. Terrorism as Propaganda

Wednesday, April 11

There is no live synchronous class today. Renee is in Washington DC testifying before the U.S. Copyright Office on DMCA 1201, the law that makes it illegal to “rip” DVDs. In previous years, Renee has had success in receiving an exemption to this law for elementary and secondary teachers and students as well as for college students.

Watch her video to learn more about how to prepare for next week and get started on your final project, LEAP 4: Create Propaganda

  1. Review tweets and readings to consider these questions:
    1. What factors have contributed to the appeal of ISIS propaganda online?
    2. How do people access ISIS propaganda?
    3. How did ISIS recruit people from around the world?
    4. Why are some Americans sympathetic to ISIS? What is the line between having sympathy for a terrorist group and actually supporting them?
    5. What techniques does Jack Kirkham use in analyzing ISIS propaganda?
    6. What is a doomsday cult? What is the difference between propaganda and “brainwashing’?
    7. Why would head camera video footage be so useful to ISIS?
  2. Introduce LEAP #4 – Create Propaganda – DUE May 7
  3. Next week, we explore Fake News, Demagoguery and the Alt Right. Please complete activities on the Pathwright for WEEK 12 before Wednesday, April 18.


1 Comment

  1. ISIS used social media as a tool to recruit those across the world. Not only does social media allow them to recruit by using videos, photos and other forms of propaganda, but they also can target those in alienation and open to the indoctrination of new beliefs, much like Doomsday CUlts as we read in the article. I think the main difference between propaganda and brainwashing is that successful propaganda casts a favorable image of something while brainwashing, such as cults, recruit people by making it more personal for each specific person. When people are affected by a piece of propaganda they are choosing to think a certain way/take a specific action. They view the propaganda and think “this is trying to get me to…”. While brainwashing causes someone to take a pre-planned action or stance in favor of those looking to recruit/extend their beliefs. For example, a cult leader may target someone directly in alienation by making it extremely personal to them rather than a target audience as a whole – telling them exactly what they want to hear and how they can fit in.


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