Week 13: Synthesis

AGENDA, April 25, 2018

Sadly, the last class session did not get recorded.  We discussed these issues:

  1. Your Twitter chat about Global Propaganda ; we reached 19,000 people in the past 7 days with our #COM416 tweets.
  2. Review Renee’s visual synthesis of the course
    1. What key ideas did you remember most?
    2. How did you use these digital tools and genres this semester? Blog/Twitter/Flipgrid/infographic/screencast/Padlet/Pathwright/others
    3. DISCUSS: How to make the class better for next time?
    4. Student Evaluation Data. Please use the end-of-semester Course Evaluation link to provide feedback to the instructor and officials at the University of Rhode Island on the quality of the learning experience for you.
  3. Comments and Questions about LEAP 4 – DUE May 7
    1. Winner of LEAP 4 Propaganda Contest will be Announced on Twitter 5/10
  4. Getting a Professional Recommendation from Renee
  5. Goodbyes

Propaganda Visual Synthesis SP2018 HOBBS

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