LEAP 4 – Create to Learn

#COM416 students created a mini-campaign for a cause from the non-profit civic action website DoSomething.org  They created 2 forms of media to demonstrate their knowledge in using propaganda for a good purpose. See the LEAP 4 assignment here.

FIRST PLACE: StandUpGuy by Jess Blackledge.  Campaign uses a variety of strategies to influence target audience of college women. Infographic is a high-credibility piece that emphasizes knowledge and awareness. The video engages viewers with a strong voice over, compelling reasoning, and skillful blend of still and moving images, graphic design and call to action. The strategic reflection essay shows the skillful application of concepts from the course.

HONORABLE MENTION:  Sea Turtle Street Sweep by Michaela Estevez The instagram image sequence is emotionally powerful and informative. It activates emotions of disgust and sympathy in a way that really grabs the audience and compels attention. The message comes through: a small change in reducing plastic bags can make a big difference. Infographic manages to provide informative context, a biology lesson and a call to action. This campaign informs, entertains and persuades all at the same time. Design is attractive with good coherence in message between the two media forms. The strategic essay shows good synthesis of information and articulates a fine strategy for developing beneficial propaganda about a cause that’s really meaningful.

Guns Out by Rich diStasio

Banned Book Club by Jaleel Felton

Guns Out by Matt Fellenzer

Not Just Playing Around by Patrick Genzardi

Mirror Messages by Johnna Iannabelli

Mirror Messages by Kelsey Martin

Justice for Flint by Keith Inman

Feeding Better Futures by Matthew Lee

Super Shelter Pets by Caitlyn Mendonca

Jeans for Teens by Julia Ritter

Blessing Bags by Peyton Scandin

Veggie Surprise by Olivia Soares

Stop Calling Me by Samantha Streeper

Seed Bombs by Meredith Shubel

Sea Turtle Street Sweep by Nick Thomas

Stop Climate Change by Zack Thompson

Boosting Self-Esteem by Quinna Van

Stop the Stigma by Michaela Vispo

Cosmetic Animal Testing by Brittany Wetherbee

Treat for Troops by Dominique Turner

Climate Change by Ro Percy

Rinse, Recycle, Repeat by Madison Ferreira

Rinse, Recycle Repeat by Monica Nole

To simulate the real world, where human creativity can be rewarded, this final project has an external reward: One lucky winner gets a $50 Amazon gift card! Winner will be announced on May 15.

Screenshot 2018-05-07 13.30.54.png


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