4. Fake News, Disinformation and Conspiracy Theories

If you did not participate in the live class, watch this video to get an update on what’s coming ahead. You can ask questions in the YouTube comment thread or via Twitter.


  1. View and discuss: Recognizing Disinformation
    1. Author: ShareAmerica
    2. Target Audience: who is the target audience?
    3. Context: why now?
    4. Purpose: to inform, to entertain or to persuade?
    5. Content: Which advice is most helpful and why?
    6. Techniques: How is it constructed to attract and hold attention?
    7. Content: What’s missing?
  2. Renee’s feedback and reflection on your work: meme analysis, PDF annotation, Flipgrid, YouTube comments, Twitter
  3. The relationship between critical analysis and knowledge in the practice of analyzing propaganda
  4. Reflecting on learning through play: Bad News Game
  5. Questions about LEAP 1 DUE 2/22
  6. Preparing for Midterm Exam (3/8) and LEAP 2 (3/29)
  7. Preview learning activities for Week 5 on Sponsored Content

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