11. Entertainment Propaganda


If you missed the live class, watch the video here. and answer the questions we discussed in the comment section on this website.

  1. Review class participation on – Pathwright
  2. Questions about LEAP 3: Reflect on Learning about Propaganda DUE: May 3
  3. GUEST LECTURE from Michael Parenti: Propaganda in Entertainment Media
  4. Question for Discussion: What are Parenti’s main claims? Are the claims Parenti made in 1989 still true today? Why or why not?
  5. Preview learning activities for next week
  6. Online office hours: Click here to schedule time


  1. Parenti claims that there is a dominance in the entertainment world, or entertainment propaganda. He also claims that the media is filtered through one main perspective. Parenti seems to say that we may view this differently just because we view entertainment a certain way. Parenti also says entertainment media turns media upside down. It is relevant in our society, because a lot of these claims that were seen in entertainment media before seems to still be alive in our media today, but is not a obvious. Also people are beginning to learn more about it. I do agree with the claim that Parenti mentions that we change roles. Someone who was actually the bad guy, is depicted as the good guy, and vice versa.


  2. Parenti’s main claims are that the entertainment media consumes a much larger share of american citizens rather than the news, and that there are many Hollywood films and dramas and television series that have a large amount of images and ideologies that are supportive of racism, capitalism, militarism, sexism, vigilantism, imperialism, anti-communism, authoritarian violence and anti-working class attitudes. These themes seemed to be dominant in entertainment, and this is a totally valid claim given that so many pieces of entertainment contain messages like these. These claims made in 1989 should still be considered true today given that their meanings are still regularly seen in movies as well as television. It is incredible that these films and shows contain so much symbolism and ideologies that represent much larger issues rather than just what is being directly portrayed.


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