LEAP Projects (600 pts)

In this class, we creating media as a means to demonstrate what we’re learning from reading, viewing and discussion. Four LEAP activities designed to support the development of your digital media production skills and help you express the knowledge you are gaining through reading and discussion. Each of the short LEAP experiences contributes to the development of your personal and professional identity. Some LEAPs will be collaborative. You will have choices as you experiment with representing your learning through various media forms, genres and formats to develop your technology competencies, using different types of tools to accomplish your goals.

LEAP #1. Propaganda in My Life – DUE February 9

LEAP #2. Critical Analysis of Propaganda – DUE March 2 / See completed projects here

LEAP #3. Collaborate: Compare and Contrast Propaganda in the Past and Present – DUE March 30 — See completed projects here

LEAP #4 Create to Learn  – DUE May 4

Details about each LEAP assignment including an evaluation rubric will be provided.

Reading Quizzes (200 pts). We encounter some powerful ideas from a variety of authors each week. Four times during the semester, you will have a 48-hour window to complete a short 5-question quiz that checks your comprehension of the class readings. 

Class Participation (200 pts). It is expected that you devote approximately 6 – 9 hours to this course each week in reading, film viewing and completing course assignments. As part of your learning experience, each week you will be asked to complete a set of tasks, which will include summarizing and sharing key ideas on Twitter using our course hashtag, #COM416. Your class participation grade will reflect your work on these informal learning activities.