LEAP Projects (400 pts)

In this class, we create media as a means to demonstrate what we’re learning from reading, viewing and discussion. Four LEAP activities are designed to support the development of your digital media production skills and help you express the knowledge you are gaining through reading and discussion. The short LEAP projects contribute to the development of your personal and professional identity as an emerging expert on the topic of propaganda. Some LEAPs will be collaborative. You will have choices as you experiment with representing your learning through various media forms, genres and formats to develop your technology competencies, using different types of tools to accomplish your goals. Each of the following assignments will include specific and detailed guidelines that communicate expectations for the work you are to produce. A rubric with criteria for evaluation will be provided for each assignment.

Examinations (200 pts)

We encounter some powerful ideas from a variety of authors each week. Four times during the semester, you will have a 48-hour window to complete an open-book open note examination that checks your active comprehension of the class readings.

  • Quiz #1. Week of Feb 5
  • Quiz #2. Week of Feb 26
  • Quiz #3. Week of March 26
  • Quiz #4. Week of April 16

Class Participation (400 pts)

Most of the learning in this class occurs by doing the work yourself. This is not a “sit and get” course where you listen and learn. You will learn by completing weekly reading, viewing and other assignments that require interaction with your peers. You are free to choose the activities that are most meaningful to you. However, it is expected that you devote approximately 6 – 9 hours to this course each week in completing learning activities. Please block out time on your academic calendar to complete the weekly learning tasks worth approximately 30 points. Points will be used to measure your completion of these activities.

Earn an A in class participation by completing 400 or more points. Earn a B in class participation by completing 356 – 399 points. Earn a C in class participation by completing 320 – 355 points. Earn a D in class participation by completing 280 – 319 points. Students who do not complete weekly activities will fail the course. You will be able to monitor your progress towards your goal on Pathwright.