LEAP 4: Create to Learn

DUE: Friday, December 8, 2017 by midnight

In LEAP 4, you reflect on your learning in this class by composing 2 forms of media of your choice to step back and think a bit more deeply about what you have learned. You summarize key ideas and information, analyze ideas and make connections between ideas that are most important or relevant to you and those ideas that we have explored through readings, videos and your research process.  In LEAP 4, you are expected to use resources from the course readings and videos as well as new materials that you find independently to develop your ideas.

Think of LEAP 4 as “creating to learn” – it’s your opportunity to create media as a way to synthesize an understanding of some of the information and ideas that you’ve been thinking about and exploring all semester in this course.

LEAP 4 is designed to give you the opportunity (1) to reflect on the ideas from the course readings and videos that are most relevant, important and meaningful to you, (2) to build bridges between course ideas and your personal and professional identity, and (3) to experiment with expressing ideas using two different modes of expression and communication.

CREATE TO LEARN: Choose Two Formats from the List Below

  • An academic essay, 8 – 12 pages in length, using APA citation with a Works Cited list
  • A podcast, uploaded to SoundCloud and no longer than 10 minutes in length
  • An infographic, with at least seven panels of original content
  • A screencast video, uploaded to YouTube and no longer than 5 minutes
  • Animation video, uploaded to YouTube and no longer than 5 minutes
  • Video, any format, uploaded to YouTube and no longer than 5 minutes
  • 15 original memes (created by you), presented as a sequence of images with music
  • A social media Storify, presented as a sequence of 15 examples of social media content, sequenced and organized to present ideas and develop an argument

Learn more about free and low-cost tools for producing here. Since you are sharing LEAP 4 on your blog, you are expected to post both of your projects on your blog by the deadline. You must tweet a link to your work using the #COM416 hashtag.

Criteria for Evaluation

1. I have created two media forms (from the list provided) and reflected on the key information and ideas of this course. I demonstrate the practices of summarizing, analyzing and synthesizing key information and ideas from the course readings and videos. I have also gathered, read, analyzed and interpreted sources I have gathered independently, using the “they say, I say” approach to demonstrate my understanding and interpretations.

2. I show how ideas are connected to each other and explained how these ideas are professionally meaningful to me. I have reflected authentically on my learning in this class, considering the strengths and limitations of my choices and strategies used in this for online learning.

3. My work is creative and original and I have demonstrated a strong understanding of contemporary propaganda. My work is well-organized and informative. I have considered the distinctive characteristics of each format I used in deciding how to organize and present ideas, content and information.

4. I have shared LEAP 4 to my blog and prepared a Works Cited list in APA format on my blog to document all sources used in the development of my work. I have tweeted a link to your work using the #COM416 hashtag.