10. Terror Propaganda

If you did not participate in the live class, watch the recorded video and answer all the questions we discussed … More

9. Partisan Propaganda

How is propaganda amplified by partisan media outlets? Review your learning on – Pathwright Networked partisan propaganda includes (1) a potent … More

8. Computational Propaganda

If you missed the live meeting, please watch the video: AGENDA Review your learning on – Pathwright Last-minute questions on … More

7. News as Propaganda

March 19, 2019 If you did not participate in our live synchronous class, watch the video. Then post a short … More

6. Virality

Focus Question: What features of propaganda may help it to spread widely? NOTE: There will be no synchronous “live” class … More

5. Sponsored Content

INQUIRY QUESTION: How are changing business models affecting the rise of propaganda? GUEST SPEAKER: Samantha Stanley, University of Hong Kong … More