LEAP 1 Student Work

Students in #COM416 analyzed an example of contemporary propaganda for LEAP 1. Assignment specifications here.

Ashley Annakie

Anthony Delasanta

Meaghan Harvey – Guerilla Girls

Anna Hawkins – Rang-Tan Greenpeace Palm Oil

Greg Hickox – Gillette Superbowl Ad

Rachael Hindle – Tobacco Teeth

Katarina Irwin – No More Domestic Violence

Lauren Itkowitz

Hannah Johnson – Childish Gambino – Made in America

Stephen MacDonnell – Colin Kaepernick Nike 

Harrison Martin – MacDonalds Art

Nichole Matteo – Real Beauty Dove

Jessica Michon – Discrimination Against Muslim Women

Olivia Murray – American Terrorism

Kerry Noonan – Cheat Death with Pom

Jessica Oulette –

Matthew Pearl – The Lorax

Vito Priore – ALS Challenge

Tom Reardon – Gillette Superbowl Ad

Eminem on Trump

Deborah Sareth

Harrison Schrair – Childish Gambino This is America

Olivia Silver – The Lorax

Pam Steager – Gillette Superbowl Ad

Taylor Stickles – Gillette Superbowl Ad