LEAP 2 Work

Spring 2019

Working with a partner, you compare and contrast two specific examples of propaganda from two different time periods OR two different cultures. To develop your ideas, you create both an academic essay and an infographic, both of which are  embedded in a blog post. The purpose of this project is to give you an opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and critical thinking skills that you are developing in this course while advancing your creative and collaborative skills.

Is Advertising Propaganda? Jessica Michon and Pam Steager

Santa Claus by Kerry Noonan & Anna Hawkins

Marijuana Propaganda Katerina Irwin and Meaghan Harvey

Body Image, Past and Present Taylor Stickles

Wartime Propaganda, Tom Reardon and Harrison Schrair

Anti-Smoking Propaganda, Past and Present by Rachael Hindle and Olivia Silver

Body Image, Past and Present by Nichole Mateo and Jessica Oulette

Representation of Women, Hannah Johnson & Olivia Murray

Politics, by Nathan Richardson and Greg Hickox

Bipartisan Campaign Politics by Matthew Pearl and Ashley Annakie

Caster Semenya Case by Anthony Delasanta and Harrison Martin

“The Story of O.J.” and “Fuck the Police”: The Power of Rap/ Hip-Hop Songs as Propaganda by Lauren Itkowitz and Vito Priore