LEAP #1. Critical Analysis of Propaganda

Overview. In this assignment, you select one example of contemporary propaganda that interests you from the Mind Over Media website and develop a critical analysis of it, using your interpretation of the work as informed by selected concepts from the readings.

DUE: Friday, February 22


Select a Propaganda Example. Consider all the places where propaganda can be found. Select an example of contemporary propaganda (21st century) from the Mind Over Media website. You may upload any example to the MOM website if you find something you want to use elsewhere.

Gather Information about Your Example. Use Internet and library research to learn all you can about the example you have selected.

Develop your Analysis by Considering Some Critical Questions

  1. Who is the author and what is the structure of the organization that produced it?
  2. What was the context in which this propaganda was produced?
  3. What was the purpose of the propaganda?
  4. Who is the target audience for the propaganda?
  5. What production techniques are used to attract and hold attention?
  6. What persuasive strategies are used?
  7. What lifestyles, values and points of view are represented?
  8. How might different people interpret the message?
  9. What is omitted?
  10. Who might see this propaganda as beneficial? For whom might it be harmful?

Make a Connection to the Course Readings. Your creative work must provide a summary and critical analysis of the propaganda example you selected, and your interpretation of the work should use a minimum of one concept or idea from the course readings.

Choose a Medium: Select one of the following options for producing your LEAP #1.

  • Compose a blog post using the conventions of an academic blog post entry
  • Compose a short video using the free Adobe Spark platform or a video editing tool of your choice

Compose and Share. As you create your LEAP #1 critical analysis, consider your target audience as members of this class plus other college-educated young adults with an interest in the subject matter of your propaganda example. Produce a complete work by Friday, February 22. Upload the work to your blog and tweet a link using the #COM416 hashtag.

Criteria for Evaluation (150 points)

  1. You have composed a high-quality work that combines critical analysis with careful description of the propaganda example’s content and format, quoting from the work as appropriate
  2. You have selected an appropriate and powerful concept or idea from the readings that helps you offer insight on the propaganda example you have selected.
  3. Your work is well-organized, offering an authentic interpretation of the propaganda. You have used research as part of your inquiry process and expressed a personal and professional stance using reasoning and evidence through your critical analysis. Your work inspires intellectual curiosity and an interest in learning more.
  4. Your work demonstrates a strategic understanding of key features of the medium you have chosen (blog, video, podcast).