#COM416 students analyze contemporary propaganda from the Mind Over Media website by creating a video screencast. See the assignment for more details. 

Meara Melidossian: Search Engine Algorithm Conspiracy

Jeremy Octeau: Super PACS

Erin Regan: Sea World Fights Back

Francesa Vallaro: Feminist T-Shirt

Tori Vecchio: Half-Time in America Chrysler Ad

Tina Shanahan: Trump as Hitler

Luiza Tolkuci: World Wildlife Federation

Kaylen Haver: HPV Vaccination

Madelyn Hanna: Anti-Smoking

Shannon Duffy: Drinking and Driving

Nicole Delaney: Islamic Women’s Rights


Stephanie Cuozzo: http://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cbeVYN6ZGm

Alyssa Cuozzo: http://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cben0f6TWF

Jerrell Coleman: Yes We Klan

Andre Berry: McDonald’s Coffee Drinks

Matt Berard: Trump and the Russia Connection

Shannon Ahern: Anti-Smoking

Nikita Duke: Chipotle “Back to the Start”

Stan Ross Robinson: Fast Food Kills

Taylor Giaccone: Paris Peace

Hassan Martin: Superbowl Ad

Dina Saleh: Dove Real Beauty Campaign

Amanda Schofield

Kevin Neller